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Landscapes and architecture of Varanger

Vardø-_DSC2291-©Bjørn Joachimsen copy.jpg
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Varanger, Norway-_DSC6836-©Bjørn Joachimsen copy.jpg
Vardø-_DSC0580-©Bjørn Joachimsen copy.jpg

Explore Varanger with your camera!  This tour will give you an opportunity to explore exhilarating seascapes along the arctic shores of Norway. We’ll visit the most thrilling spots in Varanger and be inspired by the cliffs, the rough sea and the unique geology at the outskirts of Europe. We also explore the fascinating fishing town Vardø which is really one of a kind.


Throughout the workshop, you’ll be given guidance in the field and feedback on the images you create.  The aim is to help you to take your photography to the next level and learn useful techniques for creating magical pictures. We’ll be spending as much time as possible outdoors to experience the changes in weather and light over the course of the day.  


To create good photographs and find exciting compositions, you often need to spend time looking around you and finding a good detail. We’ll take our time at the various places we stop, and I’ll provide individual attention out in the field. You’ll have time and space to observe and be inspired by the nature of this unique area. The most important skill required to create good nature photography is the ability to “see”, and here you’ll find the inspiration you need to train your eye and become even better at observing nature in all its diversity. 


The tour

This beautiful area is the setting for an intensive 7-day landscape photography tour. The emphasis throughout the trip is on improving your photography skills, learning to “see” and learning how to use creative techniques, and we’ll also address image processing. We will, of course, mainly photograph the beautiful landscapes, which can be found literally around every corner – but we’ll also spend time creating abstract and creative images. We’ll work and play with our cameras from sunrise to sunset every day. If we’re to experience magical sunrises, you need to be prepared for some very early starts some days – so that we have the best chance of getting great photos.


What you’ll learn

Landscape photography, use of filters, intimate landscapes, abstract photography, shapes and lines, slow shutter speeds, panning, working with backlight, image editing in Lightroom and Photoshop, and basic exposure blending.


Transport during the tour

We’ll be driven around in a minibus with up to 9 passengers per vehicle and enough space for all your equipment.



We will be staying at the Vardø Hotel.


Food and drinks

The package includes breakfast and dinner at Vardø Hotel every day. As we’ll be outside taking photographs every day, we’ll take packed lunches from the hotel. All meals are included in the workshop fee. Please note that alcoholic beverages are not included and that we are unable to accommodate special requests.


Who is the tour for?

The tour is intended for avid nature photographers who want to improve their skills in photographing landscapes and details, as well as in post-processing images. The focus will therefore be on learning and applying various techniques in the field of landscape photography, and learning to “see” shapes and patterns. During the tour, attention will also be given to optimizing RAW images by processing them in Lightroom and Photoshop. This is the perfect tour for any nature photographer keen to immerse themselves in a beautiful seascape setting, and who wants to learn to shoot better and return home with a varied portfolio filled with stunning shots of this beautiful region.


Oslo– Kirkenes




  • Day 1. Arrival at Kirkenes Airport (via Oslo). You will be picked up by Bjørn at 20.40 and drive to Vardø Hotel. The ride takes roughly 3 hours. 

  • Day 2 - 6: The day program and the locations which will be visited will be planned according to the weather forecast. This is a large mountain area with several different weather systems. While it can be sunny on one side of the mountains, it can be raining on the other side. Being flexible is an absolute must. We have a long list with stunning locations to visit during these days. We will make sure that you will be standing at the right moment at the right location for the best photographic opportunities. Since you will be staying in one of the most beautiful areas of Varanger, there will be many photo opportunities close to the accommodation. But for some of the locations we need to drive up to one hour to reach them. 

  • Day 7: Return to Kirkenes Airport.  


Fill in the booking form.

Or contact us if you have any questions.

2023: 26 June - 2 July

2024:  Coming soon

7 days

Varanger and surroundings 

6 - 8 participants 

Shared twin rooms (private rooms available) 

Guided by Bjørn Joachimsen 

NOK 22.000,- (4000,- deposit)

Kirkenes airport (transfer in Oslo Gardermoen Airport)

Price includes

  • Accommodation: Shared twin bedrooms in hotel

  • Breakfast, lunch and diners in restaurant

  • Transport: All local transport, including pick-up and drop off at Kirkenes airport. 

  • Photography workshop hosted by Bjørn Joachimsen

Single room fee:  NOK 2000,- 

Price does not include

  • Flights to and from Kirkenes airport

  • Alcoholic beverages and snacks

  • Travel insurance (you are responsible for your own travel insurance

Photo equipment

For landscape photography, a wide-angle lens and a moderate tele zoom lens are an absolute must. Ideally your equipment should cover the range from 16mm up to 200mm – for example, a 16-35mm, a 24-70mm and a 70-200mm. If you bring a 100-400mm or similar, this can replace the 70-200mm. If you have a crop camera rather than a full-frame camera, try to cover the range from 10mm up to 150mm.


A sturdy tripod is essential. If possible, also bring with you a cable release or some other type of remote control, as this is very useful for landscape photography. An external hard drive or image tank for storing/backing up the (many) photos taken is strongly advisable. Failing that, you should in any case have more than enough empty memory cards. A laptop or a tablet is useful (but not required) for discussing pictures taken during the tour. This will also allow you to join in the image-processing sessions. To sum up what you should bring in addition to your cameras and lenses:

  • Plenty of memory cards

  • Plenty of batteries 

  • Battery charger

  • Tripod (please bring a sturdy one!) 

  • Filters (ND, gradient and polarizer) (please let us know if you need filters)

  • Laptop, external hard drive or image tank to back up your images

  • Laptop if you want to edit images

  • Remote control/cable release

  • Comfortable camera backpack


In this period the weather can vary a lot. On day time it can be anywhere between 2 and 15 degrees C. During the nights the temperature might already drop below zero. Make sure to bring clothing for all conditions. Reaching some of the locations involves some off-trail hiking, so please bring hiking boots that support your ankles.


List of clothing:

  • Thin gloves for photographing

  • Warm hat

  • Scarf 

  • Warm thick (woolen) sweater 

  • Rainproof clothing

  • Windproof jacket and trousers

  • Waterproof mountain boots

  • Sunglasses


All images by Bjørn Joachimsen

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