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Leiv Arne Åkset

Leiv Arne Åkset


Leiv Arne Åkset, born in 1985 in southern Norway, married, has two kids and works with the youth. He started photographing in 2009, but has been interested in the nature his whole life. In the past few years he has grown a lot as photographer and will try to make his full time profession out of it in the coming years. 

He has build a large photo hide for photographing birdlife. At the hide there is a feeding station for small singing birds, woodpeckers, Eurasian jays and magpies. In autumn sparrowhawks use this place to train their hunting skills, by chasing the smaller birds at the bird feeders. This is a true natural spectacle to witness and an extreme amount of fun to photograph. Leiv Arne has created a great set-up and understands that variation in settings is key to make the place attractive for photographers. He has collected a large number of good looking perches, so he can change the set up from day to day. 


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