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Svalbard - Early autumn tour on MS Origo

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Join us on this adventurous wildlife photography expedition on Svalbard. In this period the sun will dip down at the horizon again, giving us stunning light to photograph the local wildlife in.  Under the guidance of two official guides, we will spend a total of 11 days out searching for wildlife. The main species we will focus on, are the polar bear, arctic fox, Svalbard reindeer and walrus. But we shouldn't forget the stunning arctic landscape we will be in. We will be using two zodiacs for approaching the wildlife and to get on land. 

Please note

Floris Smeets will be the workshop leader on this expedition. This will be his first visit to Svalbard and therefor we don't have any of his pictures to showcase here on this page. Floris won't be doing any of the guiding. For this we have two very experienced official Svalbard guides, who have years of experience in guiding wildlife photographers in this specific area. 

A great chance to see Polar Bears in a magnificent landscape.

The tour

We will stay for 10 nights and 11 days on the MS Origo. Most of the photography will happen from zodiacs and on land. With the zodiacs we can get close to the polar bears, but still be safe. In August the sun will come down to the horizon again, giving us beautiful light to work with. This will not be a birding tour, since most of the birds will already have left the area. But it is a very good period for photographing the mammals. A lot of the snow and ice has molten, making it easier to find the polar bears. The young arctic foxes are very active and playful in this period. The reindeer are shedding the velvet from their antlers. The stinky walruses will be around as well. And the chance to see whales should be pretty good as well. By staying for 11 days on MS Origo we will have more time than the standard 8 day expeditions. This means that we can spend more time with our subjects, which allows us to focus on improving our images. 


  • Day 0. Arriving in Longyearbyen and spending the night in a local hotel.

  • Day 1. We will be picked up from our hotel and be brought to MS Origo. The tour will start

  • Day 2-10. Cruising around Svalbard, photographing wildlife. 

  • Day 11. Arrival back in Longyearbyen and transfer back to the airport or hotel at Longyearbyen, depending in the flight schedules, we either take a flight out from Longyearbyen or we will spend one more night in a hotel in Longyearbyen. 

  • Day 12. If we had to spend the night at the hotel, we will fly out from Longyearbyen today. 

Fill in the booking form.

Or contact us for inquiries for other dates and other questions.

2023:  15 - 25 August (Fully booked)

11 days

Svalbard (Spitsbergen)

12  participants

Private and shared double bedrooms 

Guided by Floris Smeets and two official Svalbard guides

From NOK 75.000,- (deposit = 20% of tour price) Find all options below.

Longyearbyen Airport

Price includes

  • Accommodation

  • Breakfast, lunch and diners.

  • Transport: All local transport, including the pick-up and drop off at Longyearbyens airport. 

  • Cruise around the Svalbard archipelago

  • Boat trips / excursions.

Single rooms: See below

Price does not include

  • Flights to and from Longyearbyens airport

  • Alcoholic beverages and snacks

  • Insurances. You are responsible for your own traveling and cancellation insurances. 

Prices 2023


Single cabin, private facilities, 2 places available
NOK 82 500,- pr. person.

Twin cabin, private facilities, 0 places available
NOK 82 500,- pr. person.

Single cabin, shared facilities,  1 places available
NOK 75 000,- pr. person.

Please ask us for latest information about availability. The single cabins can also be used as double cabins.

Photo equipmentFor photographing the wildlife you will need a minimum of 400mm on a full-frame camera or a 300mm on a crop camera. A telephoto lens of 70-200mm or 100-400mm is always handy to have as extra lens. This allows you to frame the animal small in the landscape and these lenses are also ideal for photographing the stunning landscape we will be in. Additionally, a wide angle is an absolute must for most of the landscape photography. It is up to you to decide if you will need a tripod for photographing the wildlife. On board the MS Origo and on land tripods can be used. On the Zodiacs it is much easier to photograph without a tripod. 

The weather can change quite quickly and there might be some water splashing when we are in the zodiacs. So please bring rain covers for your equipment and photo bags. Important things to bring, are:​

  • Plenty of memory cards

  • Plenty of batteries

  • Battery charger

  • Camera bag 


The temperature on Svalbard can fluctuate a lot in this period and can dip below zero. We recommend that you bring proper winter clothing in layers. Gloves, hats and rain clothes are a must.

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