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Photo Tours Norway


The company was founded in June 2014 by Floris Smeets, under the name "Your Norwegian Nature". In July 2020 the name of the company was changed to "Photo Tours Norway". Our goal is to offer quality nature and wildlife photography tours and workshops, with an high photographic output and high experience factor. Floris is an educated ecologist and puts the well-being of the nature and wildlife upfront. Therefor we have a high standard of ethics when it comes to our activities. We show our guests the Norwegian nature as it is and minimize the disturbance at all time. 

During our tours and workshops, the guests and their images are prioritized. The guests always get the best spots and can always count on our help. Additionally, we treat all our guests equally. We don't have special hides only for professional photographers. Every guest has access to all the hides we use and will be able to photograph in the same situations as the professionals. 

Until 2020 all our tours were guided by Floris himself. To meet the demand for our tours, we have now started to cooperate with several other professional photographers. We are selective in with who we work together, in order to be able to guarantee the high standard of our activities and to meet our standard of ethics. 

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