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Golden Standard Carbon Offset projects supported by Photo Tours Norway so far

  • Myanmar Stoves Campaign. Learn more. We have offset 20 ton of carbon through this project.

  • Planting Biodiverse Forests in Panama. Learn moreWe have offset 20 ton of carbon through this project.

  • Terraclear - Clean water access for families in Laos. Learn more. We have offset 40 ton of carbon through this project

  • M'tetezi Improved Cookstoves Balaka District, Malawi. Learn more. We have offset 20 ton of carbon through this project

  • Renewable Energy Power Project by DDWL, India. Learn more. We have offset 30 ton of carbon through this project

  • Total amount carbon offset by Photo Tours Norway: 130 ton

Carbon offset by Photo Tours Norway


Currently, an average 3684.14 kg carbon is emitted during each photo tour we organize. This includes:

  • Return flights of all guests plus guides from home country to destinations in Norway.

  • Gasoline / diesel used by guests and guides to get from their homes to the airport and back.

  • Gasoline / diesel used during the photo tour.

  • Food consumed by guests and guides during the photo tour.

  • Electricity used during the photo tour.


Photo Tours Norway offsets these emissions in two different ways.

  1. For each tour 4 ton of carbon is offset by supporting one of the Gold Standard approved projects.

  2. For each tour 1 ton of carbon is offset by planting trees for a sustainable forest.


This means that for each tour Photo Tours Norway offsets 5 ton of carbon emissions. This is 135% of the actual amount of carbon emitted during our tours. This percentage will keep growing as we are taking measures to decrease our carbon emissions. 


Goals / ways to decrease carbon emissions during our photo tours

  • Replacing the company diesel car by an electric car before the end of 2025

  • Renting fuel efficient or electric cars for the tours

  • Reducing the number of kilometers driven per tour by using accommodations closer to the photo locations and planning the routes in advance.

  • Using restaurants which cook mainly with local products

  • We don't use snow scooters or ATVs for getting our hides out in the field or for getting our guests to and from the hides

  • We use local guides to reduce traveling time

The future of our planet


Our planet is in trouble. Extreme forest fires, floods, droughts, extreme temperatures and the rising average temperature are clear signs that the human race has pushed the planet too far. For many years we have been warned by scientists that this would happen. Yet, too little to no action has been taken. Now we have reached a point where we have to drastically change our behavior in order to reduce our carbon emissions significantly.   


Traveling is a large source for carbon emission. Therefore, Photo Tour Norway wants to do its best to decrease the carbon emissions of our photo tours. Photo Tours Norway committed in August 2021 to the SME Climate Hub to half all carbon emissions by 2030 and to become carbon emission neutral. This will be monitored by the SME Climate Hub. Sadly, a large part of the carbon emissions from our tours we can simply not avoid. These emissions are offset by supporting sustainable carbon emission reducing projects, following the Gold Standard.


Photo Tours Norway personally picks the projects from the “Gold Standard” website. We support projects which not only benefit the nature, but also improve life quality of local communities. For example, a project which provides poor people in Myanmar with fuel efficient stoves, reducing the amount of wood burned and forests cut down, improving the air quality, reducing the amount of money spent on fuel and as result the carbon emissions are reduced by 60% (4 ton of carbon per year per replaced stove). Additionally, Photo Tours Norway will pay for the planting of trees for sustainable forests. 



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