COVID-19 regulations

Norway has opened its borders again for tourism, but with a strict set of rules for who is allowed to enter. You will be allowed to enter Norway without quarantine or testing if;
-You are living in and are traveling from the EU, Switzerland or England 
-You have had your second vaccination at least two weeks prior entry to Norway
-You have an international COVID pass with QR code
If you are not fully vaccinated or traveling from outside the EU, Switzerland or England, you can travel to Norway but have to stay in a quarantine hotel. After seven days you will be tested. If the test is negative, you will be allowed to enter the country. 
Sadly, due to the continuously changing COVID-19 traveling restrictions, it is difficult for us to predict when tours can continue or when they have to be cancelled. Therefor, we want to ensure all our guests that your bookings are safe with us. If a tour has to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 regulations, we offer you the following options; 

  • Booking deposits can be moved to reserve future tours. Bookings can be moved up to a maximum of 24 months after the dates of a cancelled tour. There are no extra costs for this. With most tours we can even guarantee the same tour price. 

  • Booking deposits can be paid back if it is not possible to move the booking to a future tour. For international bank transfers the bank will take a fee. Otherwise the deposits will be returned in full. 

  • If you have already paid the full amount for a tour, you will receive back your money minus a 500,- NOK administration fee. You can choose if you wish to use the deposit to reserve a future tour or to receive it back as well. 

These conditions apply as well for bookings which have already been made, as for future bookings. 

For those who have booked flights, the flight companies have special COVID-19 cancellation policies. You will be able to move your booking for free or get a voucher, depending on the airline. Please make use of this.

Stay safe!