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Frøydis Dalheim

Guide and workshop leader 

Frøydis Dalheim is a singer and dedicated landscape photographer from the Arctic part

of Norway. She is born in Tromsø, the capital of northern Norway, and lives in Balsfjord, just one hour drive from Tromsø. Frøydis feels blessed living in Northern Norway, surrounded by the amazing wild Arctic scenery. Inspired by this beautiful nature, she started photographing in 2014. As a photographer, she likes to capture the mood and atmosphere and creates images that speak to her and hopefully the viewers as well.


Shooting the northern lights or the midnight sun from a mountain peak is what she loves most. She likes to go the extra mile in order to get those spectacular shots. Chiefly she portrays the scenery around her in the northern parts of Norway. She also likes to include herself in the landscape and by that adding both a story and scale to a scene. Her pictures are published in several magazines and newspaper. She is also chosen as «This years photographer» by the Norwegian design company "To-Foto" to present her pictures in their Arctic Norway calendar 2020.




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