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Roger Brendhagen

Guide and workshop leader

Roger Brendhagen, born in 1968 in Oslo, but grew up in the surroundings of the wilderness in Hedmerk county. With 250 traveling days per year, he has the whole world as his working place. He is a dedicated Nikon photographer and has been Nikon Ambassador for many years now. Roger also is a member of the society of Norwegian Nature Photographers (NN). 


For many years he has regularly had his pictures and stories published in Norwegian magazines and news papers such as Vi Menn, Aftenposten, Dagbladet and A-magasinet but also in several international magazines and news papers. In the last years he has had many photo exhibitions with his images from Antarctica and Svalbard.   


Roger holds regularly courses and workshops in macro and nature photography and has fixed workshops in Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Kenya and in several locations in the North. In 2016 he had almost 6000 participants on his workshops. 


When Roger is not on the road, you can find him in and near Dovrefjell. Here he works with a book project on musk-ox and arctic fox. 

There where most people try to keep there distance, Roger goes closer. For example, taking macro images of poisonous snakes. But additionally he says that he gets the same you of photographing a bullfinch here in Norway as an emu in Australia for example.  

Roger has been part of the jury in several large photo competitions and regularly takes part in competitions as well. 

Follow his works at:


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